Truffle Heat is a truffle and garlic infused hot sauce.

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About Truffle Heat

about Truffle Heat

I fell in love with Truffles on a quick getaway to New Orleans, the flavor was so memorable I had to find it at home. Once I found it I started experimenting with it on different foods, it became a staple in my home, so much so that my family started requesting it

We hosted Christmas and I wanted to give everyone a gift and so I decided to bottle up the truffle hot sauce. As Christmas gifts. I also consider myself a foodie so I’m pretty good with flavors & spices.
Pricing & Sizes

Pricing & Sizes

Pick the bottle or bottles of Truffle Heat that's right for you!
"Hot sauce in my bag"


  • Mini bottle of Truffle Heat (1.7 oz)
  • Perfect for Travel or Party Favors
Namaste Home


  • Full size bottle of Truffle Heat (5 oz)
  • Perfect for your home spice cabinet, move over mambo sauce
Best of Both Worlds


  • Two 5 oz bottles of Truffle Heat and one 1.7 oz
  • You can have some at home and in your purse or at your desk at work
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Truffle Heat will take your food from ok to OKKKKUUURRRRRR. That blend of truffles + garlic over the sauce itself #YUM I put it on everything from wings to potato chips!

Altonia F. Fowler-Dugar

This hot sauce! I’m digging around my kitchen to find stuff to put it on!

My son's teacher

Where do I begin, let’s start with this sauce is totally kid freindly and mother approved my niece and nephew loved the sausce so much on there chicken they created a video to say thank you to the owner and maker of Truffle Heat

Chris and Family
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